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POWERBALANCE: The Real Deal or A Real Placebo
Improve your balance, strength, and flexibility simply by wearing our state of the art wristband!

Slogans similar to this is how companies are making millions of dollars a year from this so called miracle bracelet. Powerbalancess are described as "performance technology that uses holograms embedded with frequencies that react positively with your body's natural electrical field." How conveniently vague. The alleged science behind this technology is that all humans have their own unique electrical frequency, and that there is an "optimal" range of frequency that the body performs best at, around 7.83 hz. According to the makers of Powerbalance, people's frequencies are usually substantially lower than this optimal range and what the Powerbalance does is restore your electrical frequency back to that optimal level. It does this by that flashy Mylar holographic circle which is embedded with it's own magnetic frequency and when it comes into contact with your body's frequency acts as a tuning fork for your frequency. This claim utilizes the principle that a magnet can alter an electrical frequency. Unfortunately, this Mylar frequency technology is not a proven scientific phenomenon, and has no rock hard evidence to it's effects, it is simply too good to be true. In January of 2011 Powerbalance even released a public statement admitting "there is no credible scientific evidence that supports our claims" and offered a full refund to anyone who believes they have been misled. So a rubber band jazzed up with a circular holographic pokémon card can't improve your physical abilities...............shocker.

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So if these Powerbalane things are proven and admittedly phony than how could so many Pro athletes have endorsed them and singing it's praises all over the media. Huge names such as Shaquille O'Neal, David Beckham, and Lamar Odom are among this list of endorsers. These athletes are not dumb, they simply fell victim to classic psychological phenomenon of the placebo effect. This is when positive thinking towards a product can result in positive results even if the product itself contained no beneficial qualities. These athletes believed the Powerbalance would improve
their performance and simply because of this belief their skilled improved. It was the ultimate mind over matter experience.

This is a video showing how Powerbalance demonstrators have fooled customers into believing their product instantly improves their balance right before their eyes!