Do Magnetic Bracelets Really Work??? Or Are They Just Pretty and Fun?
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-This picture shows the effect magnetic bracelets have on the body: they increase blood flow, as shown, by allowing oxygen-rich blood to circulate throughout the body.

-This video explains what magnetic bracelets do to work and relieve plan as well as telling you where to get one!

Dating as far back as to the Ancient Egyptians, magnets have been known to have the ability to heal. Did you know Cleopatra used magnets as jewelry to preserve her youth? Or that Hippocrates noticed the healing powers that magnets have? Either way, it is assumed that magnets cure headaches, reduce joint pain, increase blood flow, and supply the body with a greater amount of nutrients. Through modern research and the testimony of people who actually used these bracelets, the vast majority of them claimed they do work. According to Mail Online, researchers found that, “pain was significantly reduced.”

What’s inside these magnets that make them so unique? Two elements, Neodymium and Titanium, maintain their power for longer than ten years, meaning they don’t lose their charge after this amount of time. Also, Titanium is very strong, like steel, and both elements are very economical. This is why these two types of magnets have been chosen to carry out the tasks of healing. The shape or size of the bracelet doesn’t matter, they all work the same. There are around 2,000 gauss (magnetic field measurement) in each bracelet.

So how do these magnets really work? Although it is not known for sure, there are theories concerning magnets that can relate to the healing powers. Consider the fact that our bodies contain magnetic energy that is unbalanced. Magnetic bracelets have the energy to balance the electromagnetic impulses. This is how it gets the blood going: by carrying electricity throughout the body and increase the amount of ions. In a Magnetic Healing article, they stated that, “[Magnets] encourage processes that produce ions containing oxygen with strong oxidizing or reducing capabilities that help to maintain the pH balance.”

A man by the name of Val, claimed this bracelet did wonders for him. He posted a comment saying he was sixty years old and worked in the moving business. He declares the magnetic insoles give him more power and that they are the reason he is still up and going at age 60. He states, “[Magnetic bracelets] speed up healing in injuries, take away pain, and give you about 20 to 25% more power…Ask yourself a question, how many people do you know that are in the moving business in their sixties.” And that’s coming from an actual user. Actually, many users asserted that these magnetic bracelets and other magnetic products, really do work.

-This video is an interview with a customer that has had a magnetic bracelet

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