The Electro-Magnetic Pulse Bomb. Revel in its glory

(This is not what an actual EMP looks like, there is no explosion or nova or fire, in fact if done correctly it should look like nothing even happened and electronic should just short circuit or shut off.)
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This is an explanation on how to make a LARGE SCALE Electro-magnetic pulse bomb. But first, an explanation of what an EMP actually is.
For those who do not know, an EMP (Also known as "pinch") bomb is a, well...bomb, but instead of exploding in fire and death, it unleashes a pulse that instantly deactivates any electronics within its range. It is completely harmless to humans (unless they are on an electronic life support system, I.E: Pacemaker).

Now, the needed supplies for a large scale EMP are:
>PURE copper wire (insulated)
>Large Power supply and capacitor
>A container that does not conduct electricity
>a time delay circuit with thyrisitor
>PURE iron core
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How it really works:
a simple radio transmitter generates a magnetic field by fluctuating electrical current in a circuit. This magnetic field, in turn, can induce an electrical current in another conductor, such as a radio receiver antenna. If the fluctuating electrical signal represents particular information, the receiver can decode it. A low intensity radio transmission only induces sufficient electrical current to pass on a signal to a receiver. But if you greatly increased the intensity of the signal (the magnetic field), it would induce a much larger electrical current. A big enough current would fry the semiconductor components in the radio, disintegrating it beyond repair.(IE making so it won’t work, think of the steel wool in physics class)
with the help of:

Reasons to build an Emp:
Here are some reasons you might build an Emp
1. You plan to steal some thing and you need the power to go off.
2. Military operation
3. Bad idea of a joke.
4. To get revenge on your Ex-Girl/Boy friend
5 You really hate your Neighbor’s dog so you want revenge on him

How this relates to class:
In class Miss Berlin explained how circuit breakers worked. They do this by burning up when there is too much charge flow in the circuit. So what an Emp does is it adds quite a lot of additional charge flow to the circuits within a certain radius causing the circuit breakers to fry disconnecting the circuits meaning there is no more charge flow.(IE it turns the power off by breaking the circuits).

Building an Emp is illegal and is not advised by the creators of this page(with the possible exception of Mitch). If you do, for some reason, build an Emp test it in a deserted field away from and homes or the government will find and punish you (IE jail).
Thank you for reading this page I hope you have a nice day!