How Hearing Aids Work by Grace and Brett

Technology is becoming more advanced , the bigger and louder it gets. Teens in particular, tend to listen to really loud music.According to Kids Health, too much exposure to loud music can lead to a condition known as noise-induced hearing loss. This results in needing a hearing aid, and as of already, there are twenty eight million people in the United States with hearing issues. It would be nice for them to know how this meracle hearing aid works. For the most part, they probably only know it is to retain or train to the process of speech understanding; they have microphones to amplify sound. This all depends on severity of your hearing, but regardless of the level of hearing, there are other factors that make them able to hear.

*Hearing Aid

*How to pick a hearing aid depending on different factors.

How electromagnets work: It's not as complicated as most of us might assume so, but it functions by running electric current through a wire, you can create a magnetic field.

By using this simple principle, you can create all sorts of things, including motors, solenoids, speakers (like the one we did in class!), and a lot more.

Well Today's digtal hearing aids are miniature eletronic devices that sit in or on the ear, and selectively amplify and process souths. All hearing aids contain one or more microphones to pick up sound, and amplifier that amplifies and processes south, a reciever or speaker that sends the signal from the amp into your ear, and a battery (the power source). These variables are packaged into various ways to fit people's needs. The magnets in the hearing aid move the diaphram through the coil of wire and produce an electrical current. Magnets are also use to hold small batteries (once again, the power source)from supply source to the battery compartment inside the hearing aid.
*The magnets support the batteries on the right

This is very similar to the speaker building lab. The magnet in a hearing aid will attract to the wire coils, there
is a limited amount of time the magnetic field is available. The wires convert electric energy into kinetic energy
making the wire loops have current flowing through it.

´╗┐Now that you know the way a hearing aid works, I myself would rather have fine hearing, so don't listen to music too loud or
else you'll join the other statistics on here.