How do you really hear those beats from your speakers?

Did you know a magnet is a part of this processes? There are many different components to one headphone or speaker that easily lose count. An entire rubber board will bounce up and down with the attraction and repulsion of an electromagnet in your speaker.

How it works: All speakers use the same principle of an electromagnet encompassed within a magnet. The permanent magnet creates a constant magnetic field in which the voice coil or electromagnet is placed. The electromagnet inside is made up of a solid tube wrapped with copper coil over one hundred times. This creates a solenoid which will become magnetic when a charge is applied to it.
When you go to play a song the recording with cause the wire in the electromagnet to have a negative charge one way and a positive charge the other like a single circuit. During the process of listening to a song the charge will reverse side multiple times. Each time the charge is switched it causes the electromagnet to either attract or repel from the constant magnetic field applied by the permanent magnet. From previous chapters we learned about (+, -) charges and how they react to each other. This is exactly applied to this situation of like charges repelling and opposite charges attracting. As this process continues it causes the electromagnet to rise and compress the diaphragm attached to it. When this process is in action the sound it emitted causing different beats to come out as the electromagnet is attracted and repelled.
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The following link is essential to telling the jest of how magnets work in speakers - - (Our image is also on this page. The image is of a cut open speaker with parts labeled and it also perfectly depicts how a speaker works.)

(The picture above is from the site, but without animations. It is a cut open version of a speaker and gives great detail to what each part of the speaker is.)

This video describes how a speaker works, by cutting open the speaker and allowing the insides to be exposed. With highlighting and labeling it is a very well composed video.
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Now as you nod your head, tap your foot to some beat from a speaker you know how that sound is coming out. Magnets are used in everything around us and with only the correct process sound, or energy can be made. Speakers use magnets and electromagnets (needing a charge) to be able to make those beats sound FLY!!

By: Bradley, Diana